There are many benefits to using Nanolink. You enjoy a complete here and nowoverview of where all of your equipment is located, and which employees are working on, or are closest to, your missing equipment. No more phoning around, disrupting employees just to find a tool/machine/cable reel. The person looking for an item simply searches Nanolink on their mobile or browser and calls the person who is closest to that item directly.

Tool registration now plays a larger role in the daily operations of modern Danish companies.​


To date, Nanolink is the most effective tracking system, as it does not require any manual scanning or additional registration, and registrations will never be forgotten. Meaning Nano-Link always provides 100% accurate and complete data regarding your equipment, as all registrations are automatic. Nanolink also prevents theft, as you can always go back and get information on who was last in the vicinity of the lost equipment. It is also possible to report lost items and receive messages if they show up with one of our other customers.

Registering tools and servicing tools is also much easier with Nanolink. 

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