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​find on map​​

There are three options for searching on the map.​

Enter keywords in the field, select a category or a specific area and click search.


First, the result is shown with the nearest location.​

Please note that no directions are given.


By clicking on one of the displayed search results, you will see an image like this.

From here you can click on the name of "Scanned by" and call the person through the app.

view picture

Searching in the image view offers options for searching in categories and images.


In the above example, a search was performed in drills.


By clicking on the top, for example sometimes with a little scrolling, you see where the tool is.

​find nearby

This search function is to search for items near your own location. When activated, the app will search for equipment in your area.


​The result you receive shows how far the plant or equipment is away from you.


In the same way as the other search functions, you can go further and see who was last in the vicinity of the equipment.

Service​ modul and service plans


To utilise the service module in the Nanolink software, you must first create a service plan.

The plan is given a name with a general title and then a short description of the purpose of the plan.

A notification date must then be entered, which means that x number of days before the scheduled service takes place, and an e-mail will be sent with information about it.

Following this, the interval is inserted, and the plan will be live with a service interval of 3, 6 or 12 months.


After all service plans have been created, there is a possibility to see how they are mentioned. In addition, it is possible to delete plans if they are redundant or otherwise incorrect.​

To associate equipment with a service plan, go to; equipment -> show equipment -> find the specific equipment and then link it to the right service plan.


The respective devices that are linked to a service plan indicate whether or not this has happened. In the upper right corner there is one; green, yellow, red or blue indicator is visible.​

When a service needs to be executed, this can be done via the website or via the app.​

The software registers information about who performed the inspection or service, as well as the date and time, so that it can be used as documentation for, for example, supervision of work or a safety audit such as NEN3140

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​​Online remote support is useful when we need to help you set up the NanoLink system and to teach you how to set up employees, categories and equipment.

You can download our user manual via the link below.

This manual contains the most common guidelines for "how to use your Nanolink software".​

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