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Do my employees have to register anything to inform the system, that they have taken or borrowed assets?

-No, it is a fully automatic system, which allows your smartphone or tablet to do it for you. All your employees have to do is doing there jobs.

Does the Nanolink-chip contain a GPS tracker?

-No, it contains a radio signal transmitter, which communicates with smartphones and tablets with the Nanolink application.

How many years does the battery last?

-4 years

​How does it work?

-The Nanolink-chip communicates with smartphones and tablets via radio signal. When your device registers a signal, it will broadcast a GPS location towards our server, which allows both associates, leaders and everybody else in the company to see the location of the certain asset.

Is it useful to prevent thefts?

-No, if somebody wants to steal your assets, then can easily remove the Nanolink-chip. Unfortunately nor police or insurance companies will be at any extraordinary service in the specific matter of business.

Is it possible to use the software as for tool registration without attaching a Nanolink-chip?

-Yes, you can create as many assets as you want. You ca even use the service module, which is very common for annual inspections and so on.

Can I use my tablet instead of my smartphone?

​-Yes, as long as it contains GPS and a Bluetooth 4.0 unit built in and internet connection. The operating system has to be iOS or Android.

Is it possible to use a PC instead of a tablet or smartphone?


Is it operational on all smartphone and tablets?

-No, the application is compatible with iOS and android. Remember to be aware of the requirements for operating system.

For iOS users; minimum 9.01

For android users; minimum Kitkat 4.4.2

Is it possible to create assets directly from my application?

-No, you will have to log in to the website, which is possible from; PC, tablets and smartphones.

Is it useful as a fleet management system?

-No, if you want to track the position of moving vehicles, you have to buy a fleet management system instead.

It is useful as an indoor positioning system? (IPS)

-No, not yet. Now, it is not possible for the Nanolink system to handle that, because we use cellular devices to broadcast the GPS locations towards our server.

We will develop it, but at the moment we haven’t got a finale release date.

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